How to review a safety assessment

The last step in conducting a safety assessment is to ensure there is a clear plan of how, when and by whom the documentation and practices at the mine will be reviewed and revised.


When must your safety assessment be reviewed

The OHS Regulations require safety assessments to be reviewed and, as necessary, revised at least every three years, as well as:

  • before any mine modification* is made
  • after any incident involving a mining hazard occurs at the mine
  • if a health surveillance report identifies detrimental effects to a person and in response that person is removed from work or assigned to alternative work, or
  • after receiving a request from a health and safety representative (HSR)

*a mine modification means a change to any workings, processes or plant, including the introduction of new workings, processes or plant, that has the effect of— a. creating a mining hazard that has not previously been identified; or b. increasing the risk associated with a mining hazard.

What happens when you update control measures

When control measures are implemented, it is important to revise the safety assessment to reflect the new control measures.

To assist in managing control measures you may record:

  • by what mechanism mine personnel will know that the control measure will work when required
  • the type of test/inspection/audit the control receives, and
  • the frequency of testing/inspections/auditing, as well as performance indicators and standards

A good safety assessment is only useful if it remains up-to-date and reflects actual practice.

Control measure management

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) has produced an excellent good practice guide.

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