How to submit a dangerous goods road tank vehicle design application

Road vehicles used in the bulk transfer of dangerous goods must be built to an approved WorkSafe design. Designers must get written approval for every dangerous goods tank vehicle before manufacturing begins.


How to apply for design approval

  1. Complete the Application for approval of a road tank vehicle design
  2. Provide supporting documentation including technical drawings, tank dimensions and measurements, and additional evidence as outlined below.
  3. Provide evidence you have the appropriate skills to construct the vehicle design from the submitted design.

Technical drawings

Submit 2 (minimum) A3 copies of the tank and vehicle technical drawings that have been signed and dated by the person certifying the design compliance. The drawings should have a number/revision number, the date and include a legend that clearly identifies symbols.

You should also submit an overall layout drawing showing the fully configured vehicle including:

  • ground clearance to the lowest tank component
  • cabin to tank clearance
  • impact protection distance from the rear of the tank to impact surface and stability variables (width and height from the ground to centroid of tank)
  • location of fire extinguishers, placards, emergency placards, emergency stop buttons, etc.
  • ensure the design meets complies with AS 2809.

Tank dimensions and measurements

Submit a copy of table 2.1 of AS 2809.2 for Class 3 Dangerous Goods, table 2.1 of AS 2809.5 for bitumen, table 3.1 and/or table 3.2 of AS 2809.4 for Class 6 and 8 Dangerous Goods showing the proposed tank dimensions and measurements.

Additional evidence

You may need to submit additional evidence depending on the complexity and features of the tank vehicle.

  • Photographs - If the application is for an existing tank vehicle, you can include photographs to show specific tanker dimensions or tanker vehicle equipment. Photographs must be in colour, have a description and be clear enough to identify what is being shown.
  • Technical equipment specifications - Where AS 2809 specifies minimum requirements for equipment performance or design, such as vents or safety relief valves, you must submit the manufacturer's technical equipment specification.
  • Schematic drawings - If you use abstract or graphic symbols, schematic drawings must be clearly laid out to show what is being claimed for compliance. For example, a drive away/handrail interlocked with vehicle braking system.
  • Technical reports - Such as a rear impact analysis, must show how it applies to the design and must be dated and signed by a suitably qualified person. You should include an executive summary that describes the objectives of the report, outcomes/findings and conclusions in terms of compliance with the relevant clauses of AS 2809.
  • Evidence of other relevant approvals or standards – For example for LP gas tankers you will need to provide documentation showing the vessel complies with AS 1210 –SAA Unfired Pressure Vessel Code.

Who should verify the application?

Someone who was not involved in the design must complete the design verification statement on the application form. This person must have an appropriate level of skill and knowledge and must check the design against the relevant technical standards or engineering principles recorded by the designer.

When to submit a design approval

A DG tanker design approval application should be submitted before you manufacture the tank.

New design approval isn't needed when 're-horsing' the dangerous goods road tanker as long as the new tanker is a like-for-like match in terms of design and construction. This includes the tank to trailer attachment methodology and the tanker dimensions and clearance measurements.

*Re-horsing is when an existing tank of a previously approved tanker is mounted and fitted to a new trailer.

Submitting your application

Email your application and supporting documentation to [email protected]. Files must not exceed 20MB. A fee will apply.

We aim to notify you of the outcome within 21 working days. We may also visit or write to you requesting additional information. If you don't provide this within 21 working days of the request, we will suspend your application.

Once approved we will post a design approval letter signed by a WorkSafe Authorised Officer and a stamped copy of the tanker vehicle drawings submitted in the application.

What if my application is rejected, cancelled or conditions applied?

You can apply for a review of a decision by WorkSafe's Internal Review Unit within 14 days from the date you receive the decision. Depending on the circumstances we may extend this period. If you are not happy with the outcome of the internal review, you can appeal the decision to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Australian Standards

AS 2809 – Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods

More information