Impairment benefit protocols policy

The Impairment Protocols (IB Protocols) establish best practice procedures for Authorised Agents and Injured Worker's Legal representatives to follow regarding the management of Impairment Benefit claims.

Impairment Protocols

The IB Protocols are designed to provide a more accurate assessment of permanent whole person impairment, by aiding the collection of treating doctor information at the beginning of the claim, and to improve the timeliness of delivering impairment benefits to injured workers.

Treating doctor information

The IB Protocols provide for the provision of treating doctor information, by the worker's legal representative, at the specific request of the Authorised Agent. Treating doctor reports should include as a minimum requirement:

  • diagnosis of injury or condition
  • specifics regarding frequency and extent of treatment
  • confirmation of extent of any pre-existing impairment or disability.

Payment of disbursements

The reasonable costs of treating doctor reports will be reimbursed in accordance with the Victorian Workers Compensation Legislation, dependent upon:

  • provision of the report and a copy of original invoice from the treating doctor prior to the impairment assessment
  • satisfaction of requirements.

No payment will be made for medico-legal reports unless exceptional circumstances apply and the Authorised Agent has given prior approval for the reasonable cost of the report. Each medical report and invoice, and any covering letter, should be clearly identified as being submitted for the purpose of the impairment benefit claim, or marked to the attention of the impairment benefit team.

Important information to know and understand