Independent impairment assessments fee schedule

View current and past Independent impairment assessment fee schedules.

Independent impairment assessment fees effective from 1 July 2021

WorkSafe will pay up to a maximum amount for the following categories of the service.

General Practitioner



^ A Dual Purpose Referral refers to those requests for an assessor's opinion regarding BOTH liability AND impairment within the one referral, examination, assessment and report request. Dual Purpose Referrals will only be requested of those assessors who are both an Independent Impairment Assessor and WorkSafe approved Independent Medical Examiner. This loading only applies subject to Agent request at referral.


Please contact Impairment Benefits Team, WorkSafe Victoria on phone 9641 1211, fax 9641 1784 or email [email protected] or go to Independent Impairment Assessments use the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Fourth Edition, and other methods prescribed under Victorian Workers Compensation Legislation. To enable prompt process of invoices for services provided as an Independent Impairment Assessor, assessors are requested to bill in accordance with WorkSafe requirements including providing the worker’s name, claim number and the name of referring party and, in particular, ensuring that invoices are itemised appropriately and quoting "Payment Type 238". For information, advice and continuing education opportunities regarding impairment assessment methodology, please contact the Impairment Assessment Training Provider, AMA Victoria on [email protected] or go to