Independent Medical Examiners recruitment

WorkSafe are currently seeking to recruit suitably qualified specialists to join our panel of Independent Medical Examiners.



The role of an IME is to review an injured worker and provide an evidenced based report on their injury and treatment. The IME opinion informs claims decisions to enable the workers recovery and return to work.

To become a WorkSafe approved IME you must meet discipline specific selection criteria and sign a WorkSafe declaration confirming you will abide by the IME Service standards. This includes complying with availability and timeliness requirements, fee schedules and quality assurance activities.

Service requirements

Fee schedules

Engagement period

As a member of the WorkSafe IME panel, you will be approved until 30 June 2025, unless your approval is reviewed or ceases in accordance with the IME Declaration.

Speciality areas required

WorkSafe requires suitably qualified specialists from the following disciplines to join the IME Panel. Further recruitment rounds will commence later this year for other specialty groups.

  1. Psychiatry
  2. Neurosurgery
  3. Otolaryngology (ENT)
  4. Orthopaedic Surgery
  5. Dental
  6. Pain Medicine
  7. Gynaecology
  8. Infectious Disease specialists
  9. Respiratory Physicians
  10. Urology
  11. Plastic Surgery
  12. Geriatrician
  13. Oncology
  14. Endocrinology
  15. General Practitioners – worksite visit program only


Application Checklist

To ensure your application is complete, please refer to the below checklist for supporting documentation required.

  • Completed Application Form
  • Resume
  • AHPRA Registration Certificate
  • Certificate of Fellowship
  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Certificate
  • Two de-identified medico-legal reports

Recruitment timeline

Please note that the below timeline is subject to change depending on application numbers. Should the dates below change during the application period, you will be notified.

  1. Applications open: 1 July 2024
  2. Applications close: 28 July 2024
  3. Evaluation of applications: 1 July 2024 – 11 August 2024
  4. Interviews/clarifications: 12 August 2024 – 25 August 2024
  5. Application status: 2 September 2024
  6. Planned induction evening (online): 9 September 2024


Contact the IME team at [email protected]