Informing others about the death of your family member

Notifying others about the passing of your family member can be a difficult task. Organisations, groups and social media networks may need to be notified at a time that is right for you.


Advising organisations about your loss

It's likely that your family member will have had contact with various organisations and groups who will need to be advised of the passing in order to update their records.

Typically there is no urgency to do this, so do it when you’re ready. A family member or friend may be able to help with some of the contacts.

You can download the above checklist to assist you in handling your family member's accounts and memberships.

Services and organisations

There may be a number of contacts unique to your situation. The follow list is a guide that can assist you in identifying the services and organisations that you may need to contact.

To change the records in relation to your family member you may need to provide a copy of the death certificate and reference numbers, as well as other information.

Handling your loved one's social media accounts

It's difficult to know how to handle a loved one's social media and email accounts. You can close these accounts with the correct documentation, however some accounts don't have to be deleted or closed. For instance a Facebook account can be turned into a memorial page if you wish.

How to close a social media account

Social media networks usually have procedures in place to deal with the accounts of members who have passed away. As these procedures can differ between networks the best thing to do is to search the help section of the network in question if you wish to close an account.

We have provided a list of links on how to close each of the social media and email account types in the checklist at the top of the page. Each account may need a number of different documents, so you should check each one to find out what you will need.

Removing your family member from mailing lists

To remove your family member's details from mailing lists, you can register their details on the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising website (ADMA).

Information and support you might need

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