Instructions for invoicing WorkSafe

Guidance for registered health providers to invoice WorkSafe, including payments using Health Industry Claims and Payments Service (HICAPS) and online invoicing.


Requirements for invoicing WorkSafe

There are several ways registered providers can invoice WorkSafe Victoria. They can invoice WorkSafe electronically with online invoicing, or they can mail or email invoices to the worker’s managing agent. All invoicing methods will need to include the below information.

Injured worker's information

All invoices need to include the claim number as well as the injured worker's:

  • name
  • address
  • date of birth
  • date of injury
  • employer's name
  • WorkSafe agent's name

Any invoices submitted without a claim number will take longer to process.

Registered provider's information

  • name
  • practice address
  • WorkSafe Provider Number
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)

Service information

Invoices need to include information about the service provided, such as:

  • invoice number
  • invoice date
  • date of service (a date of service after the invoice date won't be accepted as this implies the invoice was issued before the service was provided)
  • WorkSafe item code
  • description of service provided
  • fee charged
  • if the service is referred, the name and provider number of the referring medical practitioner

Invoices manually generated for mail or email need to be labelled 'receipt' or 'tax invoice'.

Quotes may be requested in order to approve a service, however an invoice is required for payment.

For information on GST, please refer to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Invoicing WorkSafe electronically

Electronic invoicing replaces the need to mail or email invoices to WorkSafe agents, which allows for faster processing and payment. There are a couple of different ways of invoicing WorkSafe electronically. They are online invoicing and invoicing with HICAPS.

Online invoicing

Online invoicing is a new way of invoicing WorkSafe when treating someone with an active WorkCover claim, providing real time feedback on the status of submitted invoices. This is available to general practitioners, physiotherapists and pharmacists.

For more information on online invoicing and how to register, visit Online invoicing.

For more information on what services are billable with online invoicing, as well as helpful hints on how to use this service, visit Services billable via online invoicing.

Invoicing with HICAPS

This service uses HICAPS terminals and existing item numbers for invoicing. Invoicing with HICAPS terminals will not change when or how you receive payments from WorkSafe.

HICAPS invoicing is available for:

  • acupuncturists
  • chiropractors
  • dentists
  • dietitians
  • naturopaths
  • occupational therapists
  • optometrists
  • osteopaths
  • physiotherapists
  • podiatrists
  • psychiatrists
  • remedial massage therapists
  • speech pathologists

This process is the same as invoicing a private health insurer, but some information needs to be manually entered into the HICAPS terminal (such as WorkSafe claim numbers).

Submitting an invoice with HICAPS

Invoices submitted with HICAPS need the following information entered into the terminal:

  • The registered provider's Medicare provider number
  • The HICAPS claim number

The HICAPS claim number is a 19 digit number that starts with the digits 90360115 (which signifies the number as WorkSafe specific), and the 11-digit WorkSafe claim number (provided by the patient).

Only initial and standard consult item numbers can be invoiced with the HICAPS terminal, using existing HICAPS item numbers.

Whether certain services are funded or not depends on WorkSafe Victoria's adjudication criteria.

Injured worker signature

The injured worker will need to sign the receipt of lodgement when an invoice is submitted with HICAPS.

Employer liability

Registered providers can only lodge invoices through HICAPS terminals after the employer liability is met. If the employer liability has not been met, providers will need to send a hard copy invoice to the injured worker's employer for payment.

Invoice cancellation

Invoices can only be cancelled the same day they are submitted. If an invoice needs to be cancelled at a later date, providers can contact the injured worker’s WorkSafe Agent to arrange a manual cancelation.

Network providers

Network providers have separate arrangements with WorkSafe and use different item codes for the services they provide. Because of this, network providers can’t submit invoices with WorkSafe using HICAPS terminals. WorkSafe is working to expand electronic invoicing options and allow network providers to access this service in the future.

More information

Contact HICAPS for more information and assistance with:

  • response codes
  • requests for HICAPS terminals
  • HICAPS terminal issues

Emailing or mailing invoices

Invoices submitted by email or mail must only feature one worker per invoice and must be sent to the worker's managing agent for processing.

Any provider can email or mail invoices to WorkSafe agents, however invoices submitted like this will take longer to process than those submitted electronically. For assistance with any invoices submitted by email or mail, contact the WorkSafe agent the invoice was submitted to.