It comes in many forms

Work-related gendered violence is a serious occupational health and safety issue.

Work-related gendered violence comes in many forms

Work-related gendered violence is a serious occupational health and safety issue. It is any behaviour, directed at any person, or that affects a person, because of their sex, gender or sexual orientation, or because they do not adhere to socially prescribed gender roles, that creates a risk to health and safety.

It's an employer's responsibility to protect their workers

Preventing and responding to work-related gendered violence is an employer's responsibility.

Learn more about your obligations as an employer, tools to support you in preventing and responding to work-related gendered violence, support for health and safety representatives, and where to find more support.

Know your obligations

Gendered violence - Katherine Teh

Katherine reflects on her experiences of gendered violence in the workplace during the decades she has spent in the workforce, across numerous industries. She describes the broad spectrum of experiences inflicted upon women to make them uncomfortable and potentially stop them from fully participating in the workplace and tells of how her experiences ultimately made her stronger.


Visit the WorkWell toolkit for guidance on how to prevent and manage work-related gendered violence

The WorkWell Toolkit provides practical suggestions to help employers prevent mental injury and create a safe and mentally healthy workplace. Use tools, templates and resources to focus on work-related factors that impact mental health and learn good practice.

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Workplace posters

Gendered violence is an OHS issue. It is unacceptable in any form.

Put this poster up in your workplace to help people become aware of the many forms of gendered violence.

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