Jon Van Popering from Seeka Australia

Jon Van Popering oversees all Australian operations at Seeka Australia, including nine orchards and two post-harvest facilities, scattered through the Bunbartha area, just north of Shepparton.


Introducing Jon Van Popering

As part of our 'It's never you, until it is' campaign, Jon shares his experience with a proactive WorkSafe inspection and how local inspector Lisa Menhenett has assisted in Seeka's operation.

WorkSafe inspector Lisa Menhenett is also a first-generation farm owner-operator herself, providing valuable perspective for her off-farm work as an inspector.

Chemical management

As well as appropriate induction, training, and PPE, Seeka Australia took in some key considerations when building their chemical sheds. This includes making sure the base of the shed is adequately bunded, making sure the space is adequately ventilated, and making sure not to use timber shelving because if there is a chemical spill, the timber could absorb the chemical and this becomes a safety hazard.

Seeka has also implemented an eyewash station connected to the chemical shed which doesn't rely on power to operate and rather uses a gravity-led system.


Side-by-sides are used in general orchard activity at Seeka Australia. Staff are required to wear helmets, use seatbelts and wear high-vis when utilising farm machinery. Jon and his staff do a pre-start check on the side-by-sides before use because prevention is always better than a cure.

Seasonal workers

Running such a large operation, Seeka Australia often works with a large range of seasonal workers who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities. Jon approaches induction and training as if all staff are brand new, even when they've worked on other farms. This means everyone receives thorough and consistent information.

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