Forests are fantastic

Step into the woods and watch your worries wander away.

Be safe while working in forests

Working under the canopy of trees can certainly be soul-nurturing, but there are always risks to consider. High winds, falling branches, rain-drenched ground and pests are often unconsidered factors. Be safe and be prepared while enjoying the wonderful wilderness.


Working safely with trees

Each year workers in the amenity tree industry are killed or seriously injured. It is important to control the risks when doing tree trimming, pruning or removal.

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Agriculture: Fruit and nut tree growing

These are the most common injuries and hazards for people working in the fruit and nut tree growing industry, as shown by injury claims.

Injury Hotspot skeleton diagram, text information below.


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Beware of floods

Often forest have hidden rivers running through them and after heavy rains are prone to flooding. Pay attention to your surroundings and don't get swept away.

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