Labour hire case studies

These case studies assist labour hire agencies and host employers to understand their health and safety responsibilities.

3 workers dressed in head to toe PPE conversing on the factory floor.

Designated work group case study

A labour hire provider placed 15 Vietnamese-born casual chicken boners at a poultry processing plant. Only one of the Vietnamese-born chicken boners speaks English. When the English-speaking chicken boner asked his supervisor how he could establish a designated work group (DWG), he was told not to bother as it would be too much trouble. The English-speaking chicken boner contacted the labour hire provider to ask what to do after a near miss that could have resulted in a severe injury.

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Image of a smiling female worker, in the background 2 people are in conversation in front of some trucks.

Freight and transport case study

The transient nature of freight transport and logistics presents labour hire providers with a near-impossible task to conduct occupational health and safety assessments at every place their drivers visit in the course of their employment.

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Nurse in PPE, including head and body coverings, N95 mask and face shield.

Nursing case study

A labour hire provider placed five registered nurses as labour hire workers with a large hospital. The labour hire nurses were required to wear personal protective equipment, including N95 or P2 masks, also known as respiratory protective equipment (RPE). This case study explores the shared duty on labour hire providers and host employers to consult, cooperate and coordinate about labour hire workers.

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Image of 2 workers on a construction site pouring concrete.

Optimising return to work case study

A labour hire provider-placed concreter is injured and declared unfit to work for a month. This case study outlines how the host employer and the labour hire provider deal with the concreter's return to work.

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Image of a driver at the wheel in the cab of a truck.

Transport and logistics case study

A host company's supervisor overhears labour hire provider-placed drivers talking, suggesting drivers could be working dangerously long hours across multiple shifts with different providers. See how the labour hire provider deals with possible fatigue-related issues.

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A smiling fruit picker picking fruit off a tree.

Seasonal worker case study

A labour hire provider placed five seasonal labour hire workers at a vegetable farm for four weeks. When employing labour hire workers, both the host employer and labour hire provider are responsible for training and supervising the labour hire workers. This case study highlights how labour hire providers and host employers can work together to fulfil their shared responsibilities for training seasonal labour hire workers.

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