Labour hire: Employers and insurance premiums

If your business provides labour or on-hire services, the insurance premium you pay will be largely based on each of your registered clients or on-hire workplaces.


The premium

The premium will be calculated using your employer performance rating and the industry rate for each of these workplaces. This provides a greater incentive for labour hire employers to improve workplace health and safety for their workers.

What you need to do

  1. Supply the following details to your WorkSafe Agent in advance of each new workers' compensation policy commencing:
    1. the legal name and business name of each on-hire client
    2. the address of each on-hire client
    3. your head office address
  2. Upon receipt of these details, your WorkSafe Agent will advise you of the appropriate industry classification to help you calculate your remuneration.
  3. When you know the classification, you must advise your WorkSafe Agent of the client's workplaces and the relevant remuneration.
  4. Your WorkSafe Agent will register these on-hire workplaces to your WorkCover insurance.
  5. Once your WorkSafe Agent has recorded all the relevant information, they can provide an estimate of total premium payable for the coming period.
  6. If your on-hired worker injures themselves at your registered on-hire workplace, you must include that workplace in your Employer Injury Claim Report.

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