Labour hire overview

When employees are provided by an agency to another organisation on a fee or contract basis, this is known as labour hire.

What is labour hire

Labour hire is when employees are provided by an agency to another company (host) on a fee or contract basis. These arrangements can also be known as temping, contracting, on-hire or labour supply. Providing apprentices and trainees to hosts is another type of labour hire.

The host is the business/organisation the labour hire employees are placed with. The host is the client of the labour hire agency.

Who is responsible for labour hire employees' safety

Labour hire employees have the same legal rights regarding health and safety as any other employee.

Labour hire providers and hosts are both responsible for the safety of labour hire employees under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act).

This duty cannot be passed onto one or the other through a contract. WorkSafe has previously prosecuted both the labour hire agency and the host following an incident at a host's workplace where the court assigned equal liability.

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