Major hazard facilities (MHF)

Information for operators of sites that store dangerous goods and have been determined major hazard facilities.

Notification and determination process

Major hazard facilities (MHFs) are industrial sites that store, handle or process large quantities of chemicals and dangerous goods.

To ensure all MHFs are properly identified, the regulations require operators of dangerous goods sites notify WorkSafe Victoria in certain circumstances.

Details on when operators must notify WorkSafe and the process we follow in determining a site to be an MHF can be found in the following guidance notes.

Preparing a safety case

To obtain a licence to operate a MHF in Victoria, operators are required to submit a safety case to WorkSafe that sets out how the facility will be operated safely.

These guidance notes will help operators, their employees and those with the responsibility for developing a safety case to understand the safety case regime, in particular, how to plan the development of a successful safety case.

Regulatory compliance

The following guidance notes cover specific duties placed on MHF operators by the OHS regulations.  These include identification of all potential major incidents (R368), adoption of risk control measures (R371) and preparation of an emergency plan for the facility (R375).

Safe operation

WorkSafe has developed these additional guidance notes for MHF operators to assist with the safe operation of their facilities.

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