Truck driver and farmer die in separate incidents

A delivery driver died yesterday when he was run over by his truck at a storage depot in Tullamarine.


The man was believed to have been at the rear of his vehicle at the time of the incident. The man, 65, died at the scene.

Last night a farmer was seriously injured when he was struck by a tractor he was undertaking maintenance work on at his farm at Meredith, near Geelong. The man, 68, suffered serious head injuries and died later in hospital.

Both incidents are being investigated by WorkSafe.

WorkSafe’s Executive Director of Health and Safety, Marnie Williams, said the men were working alone when the incidents happened.

“Both incidents will be thoroughly investigated, and our thoughts are with the families and friends of each man,” Ms Williams said.

Ms Williams said people working alone had to take particular care to stay safe.

“When you are working by yourself, it’s vital you make sure you follow appropriate safety procedures because there’s no one to turn to if trouble strikes,” she said.

Ms Williams said farmers, in particular, continued to be over-represented in workplace fatalities.

“Agriculture employs just 3 per cent of Victorian workers but the industry makes up almost 30 per cent of all workplace fatalities every year. Not surprisingly, most fatalities are farmers working alone.

“So if you are working alone, please take care. Safety must be your priority.”