New campaign redefines workplace safety

A major WorkSafe Victoria advertising campaign launching this Sunday will share the views of working Victorians to highlight the changing nature of what it means to be safe and healthy at work.


The campaign features people from a range of different industries talking about workplace health and safety.

WorkSafe Chief Executive Clare Amies said the campaign would reinforce the importance of physical and mental health, safety and wellbeing for everyone in every workplace.

She said the campaign was based on extensive research which showed that community ideas about workplace health and safety were broadening as Victoria’s workforce evolved.

“The concept of going to work in Victoria is changing. The workforce is aging, our industry mix is evolving and more people are working flexibly and in different types of employment,” Ms Amies said.

“The need to keep people safe from physical harm is well known, but workplace health and safety also includes the prevention of mental injury.

“For this reason we need to encourage the community to talk about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour at work, and make safety a priority for all.”

The campaign, which carries the tagline “everyone, every workplace”, will run in two phases.

Phase one will focus on “what safety is not” in television commercials, outdoor, radio and digital advertising.

Phase two of the campaign will build on the messages contained in phase one, and will commence in the second half of 2018.