Update on Anglesea Power Station demolition

Final plans to demolish the remaining structure at the Anglesea Power Station have now been reviewed by WorkSafe, with a demolition by controlled explosion expected to take place this week.


WorkSafe has consulted extensively with site owner Alcoa and its demolition contractors on the proposed method of demolition, and plans to manage explosives and any asbestos at the site, to ensure they meet the requirements of Victoria’s Dangerous Goods and Occupational Health and Safety Acts.

As part of WorkSafe’s review, Alcoa was required to demonstrate how the safety of workers and the public would be protected during the preparations for the demolition, the controlled explosion, and in the materials recovery process.

Consideration was given to how the structure would be prepared for the operation, how explosives were to be set, appropriate noise and dust control, and how the collapsed structure would be safely dismantled and disposed of.

A 550-metre exclusion zone will be in place around the site for the demolition, and road and walking tracks in and around the area will be closed.

Air monitoring for dust and asbestos will be in place both during and after the demolition, which can only occur if the wind direction is away from the Anglesea township.

Preliminary preparations for the demolition are now underway and WorkSafe is working with Alcoa, its contractors and the Environment Protection Authority to ensure the operation continues to meet the required safety standards.

WorkSafe has also attended two community information sessions in Anglesea in the past week to address questions about occupational health and safety, asbestos, and the handling of dangerous goods during the upcoming demolition.