Update on Anglesea Power Station site

WorkSafe will continue to consult with Alcoa as the demolition of the Anglesea Power Station moves into the materials recovery phase.


The main structure of the power station was successfully felled by controlled explosion at 1.15pm yesterday.

The wind was blowing away from the town of Anglesea when the explosion occurred. Dust and asbestos monitoring was in place.

Asbestos monitors were located at seven positions around the perimeter of the power station site.

The monitoring was conducted by an independent company and the results have been made public by Alcoa. The results indicate that there were no asbestos fibres detected at any of the locations.

Alcoa must ensure they protect the health and safety of workers and the public as they process the materials from the collapsed structure.

WorkSafe will continue to oversee Alcoa’s implementation of its asbestos management plan to ensure any asbestos containing materials uncovered on site are dealt with in accordance with OHS regulations.

Alcoa’s next community meeting will be held at 6pm on Monday October 8 at the Anglesea Senior Citizens Club. WorkSafe will attend.