New chemical site under investigation

Government agencies tasked with removing chemical stockpiles from sites in Melbourne’s northern suburbs are investigating a new site at Campbellfield.


WorkSafe, the MFB and Environment Protection Authority are assessing the contents of a warehouse following an inspection yesterday afternoon.

The warehouse appears to house bulk containers similar to those being stored at sites discovered in Epping and Campbellfield in December.

Twenty-four hour security has been put in place at the site and air monitoring will be established.

WorkSafe announced in January it would use special powers under the Dangerous Goods Act to lead a taskforce to remove stockpiles of chemicals found at eight sites in Epping and Campbellfield.

Last week, WorkSafe, CFA and EPA discovered chemicals stockpiled in containers at three additional sites in Craigieburn.

Investigations into how the sites in Epping, Campbellfield and Craigieburn came to house the chemicals are continuing.

WorkSafe and the EPA will continue to inspect industrial sites across Melbourne’s northern suburbs to ensure dangerous goods are being stored properly.

Anyone with information or concerns about chemical storage can contact WorkSafe on 1800 136 089.

In the case of an emergency, contact 000.