Mental health support for vulnerable workers

Thousands of Victorian workers whose jobs put them at increased risk of mental injury will benefit from new knowledge sharing networks set up under a WorkSafe initiative.


The WorkSafe WorkWell Learning Networks will connect mental health experts with employers and workers to share the latest thinking on the best ways to boost mental health and safety at work.

Seven organisations have received initial funding from the $5 million program to develop plans for the networks, which will link more than 2000 workplaces to collaborate on practical steps to prevent mental injury.

WorkSafe Health and Safety Executive Director Julie Nielsen said the networks would help create new ways to improve the lives of thousands of working Victorians.

"Learning Networks will bring workers, experts and industry groups together to build workplaces that promote positive mental health and safety for all workers but especially those who are most vulnerable," Ms Nielsen said.

"The networks are a brilliant opportunity to embed the latest thinking about mental health into industries and workplaces to improve workplace health and safety outcomes across the state."

The selected organisations will become Network Chairs, supporting workplaces in their industry as they adopt changes to cultures, policies, systems and behaviors to protect and promote mental health.

Each Network Chair was selected for its ability to reach and influence vulnerable worker groups including young workers, ageing workers, frontline workers and those in industries in transition.

The successful applicants have been given three months to provide a detailed program management plan in order to secure funding for the remainder of the two year scheme.

The selected organisations are:

  • Emergency Services Foundation
  • CGU Workers Compensation Victoria 
  • Give Where You Live
  • Australian Retailers Association
  • Housing Industry Association
  • Australian Hotels Association
  • CommuniCorp

The $50 million WorkSafe WorkWell initiative was launched in 2017 to fund projects that improve mental health outcomes for vulnerable groups of workers.