Taskforce to clean up additional dangerous goods site

The WorkSafe-led taskforce overseeing the removal of waste chemicals in the northern suburbs will clear another site in Campbellfield.


The outdoor site was initially discovered during joint inspections with Environment Protection Authority Victoria earlier this year. It was assessed as containing mostly industrial waste and 24-hour security was put in place.

WorkSafe has stepped in to make the site safe after recent inspections revealed that a significant amount of dangerous goods were also present.

Security has been maintained and plans have been put in place to manage potential fire risks, consistent with the approach of the taskforce at other sites.

Under Victoria's Dangerous Goods Act, duty holders who breach regulations in relation to the storage and handling of dangerous goods are required to take action to ensure their sites comply with the law.

WorkSafe can step in to directly ensure sites are made safe if it believes such action is necessary.

In January, a WorkSafe-led taskforce including EPA, fire services, Victoria Police and local councils stepped in to oversee the removal of waste chemical stockpiles discovered in eight warehouses in Epping and Campbellfield.

A further four sites, including three in Craigieburn and one in Campbellfield, were added to the removal program in April.

Five million litres of waste chemicals have been removed so far, and three sites in Epping have been completely cleared.

While the exact quantity of waste chemicals at the latest site is unknown, preliminary calculations indicate that there is potential to store up to 1.6 million litres at the site.