Update on Tottenham fire site recovery

WorkSafe has exercised powers under the Dangerous Goods Act to directly oversee the removal of waste chemicals at the 2018 Tottenham fire site.


The regulator has stepped in to remove and dispose of the dangerous goods located at the site after duty holders last week failed to demonstrate their ability to comply with elements of WorkSafe and EPA clean up notices.

WorkSafe will form a taskforce including the EPA to clean up the site, with input from emergency services and local government.

Contractors will be engaged to manage the operation, and all demolition work will need to comply with construction and asbestos regulations.

The operation involves the removal of 7 to 15 thousand cubic metres of debris, including an estimated 7 to 10 million litres of residual chemicals that were not destroyed when the large warehouse caught fire on August 30, 2018.

Government agencies are continuing to work together to minimise further risk to the community and the environment from the site during this time. This includes containing water from the site and conducting regular air monitoring.

Security and air monitoring for asbestos are also in place.

WorkSafe and EPA attended a public meeting about the site on October 24 and will continue to keep the community informed as the clean-up progresses.