Sticky safety message for all Victorians

You might think you’re a big deal at work, but your most important job is the one you do at home.


On Jobs At Home Day, Friday 20 March, Victorians can create a customised sticker featuring a fun job at home title such as Chief Cuppa Maker or Master of All Things Doggo – a reminder to return home safely to where they're needed most.

WorkSafe Chief Executive Colin Radford said the stickers are a fun, wearable way to start a conversation about workplace safety.

"We know being injured on the job changes everything at home," Mr Radford said. "A workplace injury isn't left behind when you clock off."

"I'm the Unpaid Uber Driver in my house, and for me that's a pretty important reason to get home safe every day."

In the last two years almost 20,000 Victorians have taken part in Jobs At Home Day.

Doctors have been the Dad Joke Specialist, builders the Cat Scratcher Supreme and office managers the Home Reno President.

This year, WorkSafe is hosting coffee carts around Melbourne and regional Victoria where you can receive a Jobs At Home Day sticker and stay for a free coffee.

The stickers are designed to be displayed on your laptop, hard hat, phone or notebook.

Mr Radford said there were 24 workplace fatalities in 2019 and another eight people have died in workplace incidents so far this year.

"Tragically, that's 32 people who will never get to do another job at home," he said.

You can share your job at home by tagging @WorkSafe_Vic and using the hashtag #myjob2020.