Charges over high pressure concrete blast

Two companies have been charged after workers and a member of the public were injured when they were sprayed with concrete at a Southbank construction site.


WorkSafe has charged Form 700 Pty Ltd with two breaches under section 21(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act for failing to provide and maintain a safe working environment.

It's alleged the company breached regulation 327(1) of the OHS Regulations by failing to prepare and use a Safe Work Method Statement for high risk construction work, and section 21(2)(e) of the OHS Act by failing to provide information and instruction to its employees to enable them to perform work safely.

WorkSafe has charged Rapidcrete Pty Ltd with a single breach of section 23(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act for failing to ensure that persons other than its employees were not exposed to risks to their health or safety.

The charges relate to an incident in October 2019 where an unsecured discharge pipe blew out of an agitator truck and pressurised concrete was sprayed across the work site, striking three workers and a passenger in a passing vehicle.

Form 700 Pty Ltd had been engaged to provide formwork and concrete at the site while Rapidcrete Pty Ltd was engaged to pump concrete.

The matters are listed for a filing hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on 10 November 2021.