Worker charged after forklift load fatality

WorkSafe has charged a forklift operator following the death of another worker at a Corio warehouse in October 2021.


The 52-year-old Whittington man is facing one charge under section 32 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act for recklessly engaging in conduct that placed another person at a workplace in danger of serious injury.

The worker is also facing one charge under section 25(1)(b) of the OHS Act for failing to, as an employee, take reasonable care for the health and safety of persons who might be affected by the employee's acts or omissions at a workplace.

It is alleged the man, who was employed as a maintenance fitter, was operating a forklift bearing an unsecured load near a colleague when the load tipped and fatally crushed the other worker.

The matter is listed for a filing hearing at Geelong Magistrates' Court on 22 August 2023.