Beware of WorkSafe imposters

Victorian businesses are being urged to be wary of unsolicited offers of health and safety services claiming to be associated with WorkSafe.


WorkSafe does not provide any paid services or training directly to individual businesses, test equipment, or provide or endorse any commercial operations.

A number of WorkSafe and WorkWell branded communications have recently circulated promoting programs and services purporting to reduce WorkCover premiums for businesses.

These communications are not produced, authorised or distributed by WorkSafe or any of its affiliates, and contain information that has no connection to WorkSafe.

WorkSafe's General Counsel and Executive Director Legal and Governance Mario Briffa said caution was essential when it came to identifying potential imposters.

"Businesses should seek the necessary advice and contact WorkSafe if they are unsure of someone's credentials," Mr Briffa said.

"WorkSafe takes impersonation of its employees and intellectual property infringement extremely seriously and will not hesitate to take action against potential fraudulent activity or misleading conduct."

WorkSafe is also investigating recent reports of an individual allegedly posing as an inspector while visiting workplaces in Melbourne’s south-east offering first-aid training and equipment testing.

Mr Briffa said it was a criminal offence to impersonate a WorkSafe inspector.

"Bona fide WorkSafe inspectors carry official identification and must show it when asked, when performing their duties, and when relevant laws require them to do so."

Business operators can report suspect activity or check someone's credentials by calling WorkSafe's advisory service on 1800 136 089.

Potential scams or fraudulent activity can be reported to the Scamwatch web site or Victoria Police.