Benefit from a tailored safety action plan that comes to you

Your safety consultant will work with you to develop a safety action plan tailored to your business' needs and size. The plan will help your organisation prioritise issues and provide advice on implementing strategies to mitigate or resolve potential safety issues in your workplace.

Free and independent

Benefit from practical, tailored safety advice from an independent Occupational Health and Safety Consultant.


The OHS Consultants are not employed by WorkSafe and their recommendations are completely confidential.

Tailored to your business

Your OHS Consultant will come to your workplace and make safety recommendations right for your business.

Powered by WorkSafe

Funded by WorkSafe to help you keep your employees safe and improve occupational health and safety in Victoria.

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Who's eligible?

Small businesses with less than 20 employees

Get a safety consultation designed to identify solutions achievable for an organisation of your size. Your initial on-site visit will last up to 3 hours, and any follow-up visits will be around 2 hours. 

Medium size businesses with up to 200 employees

Your safety consultation will build upon your organisation's existing knowledge and experience of OHS and the return to work process. The initial on-site visit usually takes 6 hours with any follow- up visits taking 4 hours or less. 

Sole traders with contractors

Similar to other small businesses the consultation will help you uncover OHS solutions appropriate for an organisation of your scale. 

If you have WorkCover insurance

Why not apply for the free OHS Essentials program today?