Online invoicing

WorkSafe has made it easier for providers by streamlining the invoicing process. We have partnered with specialist payment providers to enable invoices to be submitted electronically resulting in faster processing and payment.


Getting started with online invoicing

Online invoicing is a new way of invoicing WorkSafe when you're treating someone with an active WorkCover claim. Online invoicing lets you submit your invoice electronically instead of emailing or posting invoices to the Agent, cutting out the hassle of managing separate invoices. This means less time handling paperwork and more time giving your patients the help and support they need on their journey to recovery.

The benefits of online invoicing

WorkSafe is committed to improving outcomes for injured workers. Online invoicing helps by giving you a streamlined invoicing experience, so you can focus your time and energy on your patients instead. Online invoicing lets you:

  • instantly check if a claim is eligible and if your invoice will be paid before you submit it
  • track the real time status of your invoices, taking the guesswork out of invoicing and payment management
  • receive payment for your invoices faster
  • manage workers compensation claims from all WorkSafe agents from a centralised platform

How to register for online invoicing

Before you start using online invoicing, you need to be registered with WorkSafe as a general practitioner, physiotherapist, or pharmacist. If you’re not registered, or if you’re not sure, visit our Register as a provider page for more information.

If you’re registered with WorkSafe, all you need to do is select a platform provider of your choice and register with them. Make sure your WorkSafe registered provider details match with the details you provide your preferred platform provider.

Your preferred provider will give you all the information you need to sign up for and start using online invoicing.

Even if you have registered with a provider for other services, you will still need to register with a provider for WorkSafe services.

Further help

If you need help on how to invoice WorkSafe with your preferred provider, contact your provider for advice.

If you have any other questions or concerns get in touch with us.