Third party provider electronic invoicing platforms

WorkSafe is making it easier for providers by streamlining the invoicing process. We have partnered with specialist payment providers to enable General Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Pharmacies to submit invoices electronically and get real time feedback on status, faster processing and payment.


This page provides information to support treating health providers using payments platforms which are available through the following organisations:

  • LanternPay by HICAPS
  • Commbank / Whitecoat
  • Medipass

Services billable via the electronic invoicing platforms

The services listed below are available for invoicing via electronic invoicing platforms. To invoice a service not available via the electronic platforms, please follow your usual invoicing practice.

The funding of any services are subject to the WorkSafe Victoria's adjudication criteria.

Helpful Hints

Ensure your WorkSafe provider details and those registered with the third party electronic invoicing provider match

Your registration details with WorkSafe and the third party electronic invoicing provider need to match. In many cases this will already be the case. If you are already registered with a third party payments provider, you can check this automatically via the third party provider's electronic platform.

Important notes:

  • If your registration details do not align, the payment request will be rejected, with a message explaining the reason and who to contact at WorkSafe.
  • You need to register with WorkSafe and with the third party provider in relation to WorkSafe services. This is independent of whether you are already registered with a third party provider for other services such as TAC.
  • For Pharmacists - Your WorkSafe registration details need to match that contained in your ABN record and your PBS registration. Your registration with the third party provider also needs to match this. As a result, please ensure:
    • your ABN listing contains your current trading name and current address - this needs to match your WorkSafe registration
    • the trading name listed on you PBS registration also matches

Contact WorkSafe if you either need to register as a provider for the first time with WorkSafe Victoria, or if there is a difference between the details registered with the electronic invoicing provider and those registered with WorkSafe.

WorkSafe can assist with your new registration or to identify any updates needed. In some cases you may need to provide WorkSafe additional information.

Using the third party electronic invoicing platform for payment requests

Tips to assist you when entering information into the Third Party Provider online form.

LanternPay by HICAPS

Commbank / Whitecoat


Where to get additional help