Third Party Provider Payments Electronic Invoicing Platform Support

Additional information to support Treating Healthcare Providers participating in the 3PPP Pilot with electronic invoicing enquiries.

Where to get help

Services billable via the Pilot electronic invoicing platforms

For the duration of the Pilot, only those services listed below will be available for invoicing via the electronic invoicing platforms. To invoice a service not available via the electronic platforms, please follow your usual invoicing practice.

The funding of any services (available via electronic platform or other) continues to be subject to the relevant WorkSafe Victoria adjudication criteria.

Helpful Hints

Claim Number Format

Please ensure you are entering the patient's full 11-digit WorkSafe Claim Number including all zeros ('0'), with no spaces or dashes.

For example:

  • EML 12991234567
    • Allianz 09010034567
      • Gallagher Bassett 21170034567
        • Xchanging 08131234567
          • TAC 80931234567
            • WorkSafe Claims and Recovery Support 04111200567


              Image of the LanternPay website user interface, with example data showing correct format of client WorkSafe claim number.

              Image 1: Entry example of WorkSafe injured worker details in LanternPay webform.


              Image of the Whitecoat website user interface, with example data showing correct format of client WorkSafe claim number.

              Image 2: Entry example of WorkSafe injured worker details in Whitecoat webform.

              Provider Numbers

              Please ensure you are entering the WorkSafe Provider Number issued by WorkSafe to either your organisation or the individual practitioner as part of the registration process.

              For example:

              • for organisations such as pharmacies - eg. "PH12345"
                • for individuals registered with Medicare, it should include the Medicare stem & suffix – eg. "1381565B"
                  • for individuals not registered with Medicare – eg. "P999Z"

                    Cancelling Invoices

                    Invoices submitted via the electronic invoicing platforms can be cancelled at any time by submitting a request to WorkSafe Victoria using the 'cancel invoice' function within the 3PPP application.

                    All cancellation requests are reviewed by WorkSafe Victoria and will only be accepted when:

                    • The invoice status is "Pending Review", or
                      • The invoice status is "Approved" but the invoice has not yet been processed for payment

                        For all invoice enquiries including cancellations, top-ups or overpayments please, contact the claim's managing Agent.

                        Invoice Real Time Feedback

                        The electronic invoicing technology enables you to receive real time feedback ('outcomes') on the progress of your eligibility check or invoice submission as well as the adjudication outcomes following a decision to approve or deny payment of an invoice. 

                        The following tables contain examples of outcome messages that you may see as you draft and submit your invoice together with any actions required to complete the claim.