Pharmacy considerations in the context of COVID-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic is creating new challenges for healthcare. The pharmacotherapy treatment system has been identified as a priority area.



The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Pharmacotherapy Area-Based Networks are providing advice on a range of strategies to ensure continuity of treatment for pharmacotherapy patients and associated supports for prescribers and dispensers.

These strategies include:

  • Lowering the threshold for takeaway doses with reasonable management of risk and benefit
  • Increasing the duration of prescription and consideration of staged supply in appropriate situations
  • Collection of takeaways and/or stewardship by a responsible third party
  • Roster of pharmacies and prescribers in local areas who are willing and able to deputise services
  • Expanding access to long acting injectable buprenorphine as an alternative to daily Suboxone
  • Prescriber and pharmacy service continuity and contingency planning
  • From 1 April 2020 it is mandatory to check SafeScript prior to writing or dispensing a prescription for a medicines monitored through the system as per the Department of Health.

This is a rapidly evolving situation and the PABN COVID-19 response page will be regularly updated.

Your local Pharmacotherapy Area-Based Network is able to assist you to identify pharmacy(ies) who may be able to take on your patients in the event of an immediate closure.

Pharmacotherapy Area-Based Network contact details

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Medically Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence (MATOD)

Below is advice and clinical guidance related to working in the Medically Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence (MATOD) sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advice moderates existing MATOD policy for prescribers and dispensers in relation to: