Plant and equipment design registration or alteration

Before certain plant can be used in a workplace, the design of the plant must be registered with WorkSafe. The plant requiring registration of design is set out in Schedule 2 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017.

Plant registration requirements

If a plant design or prescribed equipment design is altered due to new measures to control risk, the altered design must be registered with WorkSafe.

You are no longer required to re-register items of plant with WorkSafe every five years. Advances in technology provide WorkSafe the ability to rely on other sources, such as stakeholders and suppliers, for information on the location of plant in Victoria.

Types of plant that must be registered

The types of plant that must be design registered are:

  • pressure equipment, other than exceptions stated in clause 1.1 of Schedule 2
  • tower cranes, other than the foundations or supporting structure and the crane ties of the tower crane
  • self-erecting tower cranes
  • lifts/ escalators/ moving walks, other than exceptions stated in clause 1.4 of Schedule 2
  • building maintenance units
  • hoists, with a platform movement of more than 2.4 metres, designed to lift persons
  • work boxes, suspended from cranes
  • amusement structures, to which AS 3533.1 - Amusement rides and devices – Part 1: Design and construction applies, other than the exceptions stated in clause 1.8 of Schedule 2
  • prefabricated scaffolding, being an integrated system of prefabricated components manufactured in such a way that the possible geometry of assembled scaffolds is predetermined by the designer
  • boom-type elevating work platforms
  • gantry cranes, with a rated capacity greater than 5 tonnes or bridge cranes with a rated capacity greater than 10 tonnes, and a gantry crane or bridge crane that is designed to handle molten metal or dangerous goods
  • vehicle hoists
  • mast climbing work platforms
  • mobile cranes with a rated capacity greater than 10 tonnes, other than reach stackers
  • chairlifts
  • concrete-placing booms.

How to apply

You can now register plant equipment or an alteration to plant equipment by completing an online application at

Please note: you will be required to scan and upload representational drawings as part of your application.

Further information

Prescribed equipment

There is a requirement to give notice of the design for certain prescribed equipment under the Equipment (Pubic Safety) Regulations 2017.

Schedule 1 of Equipment (Public Safety) Regulations 2017 lists the prescribed equipment covered by the design notice requirement. The list in Schedule 1 is the same as the list of plant requiring registration of design under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (see above list for the types of prescribed equipment requiring notice of design).

A prescribed equipment design must be notified to WorkSafe and the notice confirmed by WorkSafe prior to the prescribed equipment being used at an equipment site (eg a non-workplace). It is not necessary to give notice of a prescribed equipment design if the design has been registered under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

An equivalent registration, confirmation or approval of a plant design in another state or territory is recognised in Victoria and there is no need to also register the plant design or give notice of the prescribed equipment design to WorkSafe.

Plant maintenance

Under the OHS Act, employers must provide or maintain plant or systems of work that are, as far as reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to health.

An employer must ensure that records of inspections and maintenance carried out on plant (as specified in 3.5.31 of the OHS Regulations) are retained for the period that the employer had management or control of that plant.


Fees for a registration of plant design and notice of prescribed equipment design are based on fee units and subject to change each financial year on 1 July.

Registration or notification is valid for the lifetime of the plant/ prescribed equipment unless design alterations are made.

Fee summary


Registration fee.

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