Podiatry services policy

Guidelines for providing podiatry services to injured workers.


Who can provide podiatry services to injured workers

WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe), will only pay for podiatry services by healthcare professionals who are:

  • registered by WorkSafe to provide podiatry services, and
  • registered with the Podiatry Board of Australia.

Referral requirements

Referral from a medical practitioner is not required for provision of podiatry services. WorkSafe considers podiatry to be a primary contact service. A referral from a medical practitioner is therefore not required.

A referral is required from a medical practitioner for the provision of any approved health service with the exception of medical, physiotherapy, osteopathic, chiropractic, optometry, dental and podiatry services.

No referral to other health services. WorkSafe does not allow podiatrists to provide referrals to other health services.

How much WorkSafe will pay

WorkSafe will pay the reasonable costs of podiatry services, up to the maximum amount, as detailed in WorkSafe’s Podiatry services fee schedule.

What WorkSafe will not pay for

  • Non-attendance/cancellation. WorkSafe will not pay for appointments where injured workers cancel or do not attend.
  • Telephone conversations. WorkSafe will not pay for telephone consultations or conversations, either to the injured worker or other related parties (such as the employer, WorkSafe, WorkSafe Agents, self-insurers or other healthcare professionals) that do not align with WorkSafe's telehealth policy.
  • More than one consultation on the same day. WorkSafe will not pay for more than one podiatry consultation provided on the same day to the same injured worker.
  • Provision of more than one allied health service on the same day. In situations where a podiatrist is registered with WorkSafe for another allied health service (for example, podiatry and acupuncture), WorkSafe will not pay for provision of more than one service type to an injured worker on the same day.

Suspended from providing services to WorkSafe clients

If WorkSafe gives notice to a provider advising them that they are suspended from providing services to WorkSafe clients, WorkSafe will notify the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency or other relevant professional body that regulates the provider, and Medicare Australia of the suspension and the grounds on which the suspension has been issued.