Provisional payments

Better support for mental injuries.


We've improved support for mental injuries

Workers with a mental injury claim can now access early treatment and support when they need it most.

Provisional payments: support for mental injuries

How will provisional payments help?

  • Provisional payments aim to support a positive return to work journey, regardless of the claim outcome.
  • Enabling workers with a mental injury to access the right support, quickly and easily, is important for getting back on track.
  • Early treatment of a mental injury gives workers a better chance of a full recovery and prevents an injury from worsening.

What's changed?

From 1 July 2021, Victoria's eligible workers and volunteers can access provisional payments for reasonable treatment and services for work-related mental injuries, while they await the outcome of their claim. When claims are rejected, workers can continue to receive provisional payments for up to 13 weeks.


Seek the right support

We want to support you taking care of your mental health. Learn more about your entitlements, and find the right support for your recovery and wellbeing.

Worker entitlements

Support your workers recovery and wellbeing

Employers have an obligation to provide early notification of mental injury claims. Learn more about your duties and what support is available to help your worker return to work.

Employer responsibilities


Support your patients recovery

There are additional services, resources and tools for healthcare providers to support patients with a mental injury.

Healthcare provider

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