Provisional payments: Information for employers

Workers with a work related mental injury can access early treatment and support while they await the outcome of their claim. This support is called provisional payments.



A smooth and fast transition back to work (even if they return to reduced capacity) can support a worker's recovery and increase productivity.

Employers have an obligation to provide early notification of mental injury claims.

Employers must complete, sign and forward the Worker's injury claim form Part A to their agent within three business days of receiving it from the worker.

Provisional payments: Having a mentally healthy workplace

From 1 January 2022, penalties will apply when employers do not meet their early notification requirements. The early notification requirement is specific to claims where there is a workplace mental injury.

For more information about the penalties please refer to the claims manual.

Resources for employers

There are a number of tools and resources to help you understand your duties and how to support workers with a mental injury claim and their return to work journey.

Resources for your workplace

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