Psychology service fees effective from 1 July 2019

WorkSafe will pay up to a maximum amount for the following categories of the service.

PS100Group Consultation - Per person rate (between 4 and 10 persons per group)$42.85
PS602Individual Consultation - Maximum of one hour. Any consultations greater than one hour will require pre-approval by the WorkSafe Agent. $170.76
PS603Neuropsychology Consultation $170.76 per hour

Return to Work Case Conference

PS600Return to Work Case Conference - Psychology$106.72

Psychology notification and review forms

PS109Review Form Consultation - Review consultation including completion of Psychology review form$170.76
PS604Notification Form Consultation - Consultation involving discussion with injured worker re: goals of treatment and including completion of Psychology treatment notification form$170.76

Family counselling

FAM01Family Counselling - Following a prescribed injury$6,600.00
FAM02Family Counselling - Following a death$6,600.00


Maximum fees listed in this fee schedule are exclusive of GST. If GST is applicable, WorkSafe Victoria will pay the GST component in addition to the maximum fee. Providers should provide a tax invoice where amounts are subject to GST. For queries regarding whether the services you provide to an injured worker are taxable (that is, subject to GST) please contact the Australian Taxation Office and/or your tax advisor.

Download current and past fee schedules