Receive superannuation contributions

Guidance to assist workers with receiving superannuation contributions.


Are you eligible

If you are receiving weekly payments because of a work related injury or illness, you may be eligible to receive superannuation contributions on those weekly payments from your Agent.

To qualify for superannuation contributions, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • have been injured on or after 5 April 2010
  • have received weekly payments for an aggregate period of 52 weeks
  • be receiving weekly payments
  • be under retirement age, and
  • not receiving superannuation from your employer under a public sector superannuation scheme, law or industrial award (eg make up pay).

What superannuation contributions are payable

If you are eligible, your Agent will make superannuation contributions at the superannuation guarantee rate (charge percentage), based on your gross weekly payments. These contributions are paid in addition to your weekly payments and will be paid to the complying superannuation fund of your choice.

If you have returned to work

If you are eligible, superannuation contributions are payable by your Agent even if you return to work as long as you continue to receive weekly payments and are under retirement age.

What if my employer is paying superannuation

Your Agent will ask your employer if they have an obligation to pay you superannuation under a public sector superannuation scheme, law or industrial award after 52 weeks. If so, then you will not be entitled to superannuation contributions on your weekly payments until your employer ceases to pay. Your Agent will advise you if this is the case.

Can I change my superannuation fund

You can nominate a different complying fund, but no more than once in any 12 month period. Should your nominated complying fund account become inactive or no longer accept these superannuation contributions you will need to nominate a different complying fund.

What information is required

You need to fill in the Choice of Superannuation Fund form, which you can find at the bottom of this page, nominating your complying superannuation fund.

When completing the form make sure that you:

  • Nominate a superannuation fund. You can nominate a fund that you already have or you can nominate a new fund. However, you must be a member of the fund before contributions can be paid to the fund.
  • Provide your Member Number from the fund (if applicable).
  • Provide the fund’s Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Provide the fund’s Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI). This number is required so that we can ensure that your contributions are paid correctly to the fund and product you have selected.
  • Confirm that your nominated complying fund has been given your Tax File Number (TFN).

You can get this information from:

  • paperwork you may have received from your superannuation fund
  • phoning your superannuation fund directly
  • contacting your employer
  • Australian Taxation Office super fund lookup portal

When must this information be provided?

You will be provided with a Choice of Superannuation Fund form by your Agent. It is important that you complete and return the form to your Agent as soon as possible.

If you do not provide the required information to your Agent within 3 months of becoming entitled to superannuation contributions, you will only be paid contributions from when the information is provided.

When do superannuation contributions cease?

Superannuation contributions cease when either your weekly payments cease or you reach retirement age, whichever is earliest.