Rehabilitation at home: Register as a provider

Register as a rehabilitation at home service provider.

Register as a service provider


Health practitioner regulation national law registered providers

The mandatory requirements for registered practitioners are governed by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme. Providers must at all times maintain board registration in order to be a WorkSafe registered provider.

If the service provider is a post-acute / personal care provider, the organisation for which he or she works must be registered with WorkSafe and have relevant IRQS (Independently Reviewed against Quality Standards) accreditation.

Rehabilitation at Home

A rehabilitation at home program treatment team should consist of:

  • at least one treater who is the Rehabilitation at Home Care Coordinator
  • if required, a physiotherapist registered with WorkSafe and approved under the Early Intervention Physiotherapy Framework (EIPF)
  • if required, an occupational therapist
  • if required, a Division 1 Registered Nurse

A rehabilitation at home program provider must be able to access in a timely fashion

  • a post-acute / personal care provider
  • a nutritional services provider if required for the client to achieve their goal

A rehabilitation at home program provider must:

  • complete the WorkSafe Rehabilitation at Home Program Declaration form