Remedial massage: Register as a provider

Register as an remedial massage service provider.

Register as a service provider


Allied health non board registered providers

For non-board registered allied health providers, the qualifications of the service provider, business registration and insurance coverage must be acceptable to WorkSafe.

To support your application you may be required to provide evidence such as relevant tertiary qualifications, professional experience or membership of a professional association (or evidence of eligibility for membership). WorkSafe will contact you if additional information or clarification is required before processing the application.

Remedial massage

Remedial massage providers must:

  • complete the WorkSafe Application for Registration to Provide Services to Workers form
  • provide written confirmation:
    • that they are a member of the:
      • Massage and Myotherapy Australia.
      • Association of Massage Therapists (NSW) Ltd
      • Australian Natural Therapists Association Ltd (ANTA)
      • Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd, or
      • Myotherapy Association Australia


    • that their qualifications entitle them to full membership of the Australian Natural Therapists Association Ltd (ANTA)
  • maintain at all times a minimum of $1 million professional indemnity insurance coverage.

A WorkSafe provider number will be issued for invoicing purposes.