Request a review of a licence decision

How to request a review of a WorkSafe licensing decision.

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You can request a review

A new provision under the OHS Regulations allows a person who applied for a licence to request an independent WorkSafe unit to conduct a review of the following types of decisions:

  • refusal
  • suspension
  • cancellation
  • imposing conditions
  • withdrawal of a registration

If you are subject to one of these decisions, you will be informed of your right to review.

If you disagree with a licensing decision

If an applicant or a licence holder does not agree with a licensing decision made by WorkSafe, they can apply to WorkSafe’s Internal Review Unit (IRU) for the decision to be reviewed. This review checks that WorkSafe's decision was made in accordance with the laws in relation to such a decision.

To appeal a decision, the applicant is invited to complete and submit a Review of Licensing Decision form within 14 calendar days from receipt of the decision (or such longer period as allowed by WorkSafe).

If the applicant or licence holder disagrees with the IRU decision, the applicant or licence holder may then apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for the decision to be reviewed.

You can also submit your request by post.