Requesting an independent review of a decision

We understand that sometimes decisions that are made may not seem right, which is why it is important that we hear from you so we can understand and review what has happened.


Before starting your application

Before you start your application, we recommend that you read the page 'what you need to know about a Workers Compensation Independent Review'. This page will offer you information about what we can and can’t review and other useful information to assist you through a review.

If you need additional support while completing this form or you aren't quite sure if this review is right for you, please reach out to our service on 03 4243 7061 or email [email protected], where we will be able to walk you through a review in more detail. We are also able to arrange a translator for you if required.

You can request an independent review through the following channels:

  1. Digital form
  2. PDF application form
  3. You can call our friendly service team on 03 4243 7061 who can assist in completing the application form and email or post it to you to review, sign and return to us by email or post. If you require a translator when calling us, please let us know when we answer and we'll be happy to assist.

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