Advice for managing major events safely

How to manage health and safety risks by coordinating safety planning at major events.


What it contains

This document advises major event organisers, venue owners and suppliers how to manage risks by coordinating safety planning. It outlines:

  • the occupational health and safety duties of event organisers
  • how to use a risk management approach for event safety planning
  • the role the senior leaders in influencing the success of safety planning
  • how to develop an event safety management system (SMS)
  • how to monitor the SMS before, during and after the event
  • ways to review safety performance

At the end of the document, there are extra documents to help plan safety at major events. This includes:

  • examples of hazards
  • Victorian legislation relating to events
  • a semi-quantitative risk assessment
  • a self-audit questions checklist
  • a table of contents for an event SMS
  • examples of establishing context, an event safety plan, an event SMS
  • a job safety analysis and job safety analysis worksheet
  • an example of an event safety policy and safety system elements
  • a case study example of a bow tie diagram
  • information about crowd density and safety amusement rides
  • information about electrical safety for shows
  • information about safe use of temporary gas installations for catering