Application for an explosives vehicle licence or a licence to transport explosives by rail

Use this form to apply for a new licence, or to amend or renew an existing licence.


What it contains

Blank application form.

Who should complete this form

Under Part 7 of the Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Amendment Regulations 2023 a person must not transport explosives:

  • on a road or road related area unless that person holds an explosives vehicle licence for the vehicle used or a vehicle licence under equivalent legislation issued by a corresponding Authority and meets the requirements of the Regulations.
  • by rail in quantities greater than the prescribed quantities unless the person holds a licence under the Regulations authorising them to do so or under equivalent legislation by a corresponding Authority.

Note: A person must hold an explosives vehicle licence for each vehicle used or intended to be used, in the transport of explosives. You may use this form to apply for a licence for more than one vehicle at the same time. A prescribed fee is payable for each explosives road vehicle and each road vehicle will be issued with an individual licence.