Homogenous workplaces: Frequently asked questions

How employers with multiple workplaces with the same WorkCover Industry Classification (WIC) can be considered 'homogenous' and declare remuneration at a single nominated workplace.


What it contains

Employees typically declare remuneration individually for all workplaces. This document explains how workplaces with the same WIC can gain WorkSafe approval to become a homogenous workplace. That means they can declare remuneration for 2 or more homogenous workplaces, at a single workplace. The guidelines explain: 

  • what is a homogenous and what is a nominated workplace
  • how a nominated workplace is decided
  • why WorkSafe has homogenous workplaces guidelines
  • how being a homogenous workplace affects WorkCover insurance
  • when an employer should lodge claims for workplace injuries and illness
  • if an employer that operates across multiple industries can have more than one nominated workplace
  • what happens if the workplace changes
  • how to stop declaring remuneration at a nominated workplace
  • how to appeal a WorkSafe decision to deny a homogenous workplace request