Keeping children safe in the workplace: A handbook for workplaces

How to keep children safe in the workplace.


What it contains

This guide explains how workplace health and safety laws provide protection for all people at Victorian workplaces, regardless of why they are there. It also outlines how to prevent children from being injured or killed in workplaces, and cover topics such as:

  • the types of jobs children work in
  • the tasks children are likely to be performing
  • case studies of workplace injuries children have suffered
  • the definition of a ‘workplace’
  • your legal workplace responsibilities for children
  • unique risks children face in workplaces and how to check and prepare for them
  • employment-related provisions, like minimum age, hours of work, rest breaks and prohibited work
  • your legal responsibilities around supervision, induction and training
  • other duties around children in the workplace
  • other employees’ legal responsibilities for children in the workplace

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