SA-2 Managing risk control measures: Self-assessment tool for prescribed mines


What it contains

Operators of prescribed mines have specific risk control measures responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (OHS Regulations). You can use this self-assessment tool to think about your risk control measures and how to improve them. This document tells you:

  • relevant OHS Regulations for managing risk control measures
  • how to find other relevant references
  • your risk control responsibilities
  • how to adopt risk control measures
  • how to eliminate risk
  • how to use substitution, isolation or engineering controls to reduce risk
  • how to use procedures and personal protective equipment to reduce risk
  • how to review and revise risk control measures
  • how to test your risk control measures
  • your employees’ roles and responsibilities
  • what operators of prescribed mines must not allow to be used underground (prohibitions)

The tool has space for you to record your observations and any references you’ve used in the process. There is also a compliance statement in relevant sections to compare your findings against the regulatory standard. If you find areas for improvement, you can use the space at the end of each section to note them, assign responsibilities and propose a completion date.