SA-4 Safety management systems: Self assessment tool for prescribed mines


What it contains

This document is part of the self-assessment toolbox. Operators of prescribed mines can use this document to review and improve safety management systems (SMS). It explains:

  • how to review your SMS
  • the relevant Occupational Health and Safety Regulations for managing risk controls
  • where to find relevant references
  • how to assess whether employees can easily access and understand your SMS
  • how to assess whether your SMS is thorough and integrated
  • how to assess how well your SMS meets performance standards
  • how to assess your SMS auditing system
  • how and when to audit your SMS, and assess its management process
  • how to make sure your employees know their roles and responsibilities in managing your SMS

The tool has space to record your observations and any references you’ve used in the process. There is also a compliance statement in relevant sections to compare your findings against the regulatory standard. You can use the space at the end of each section to document areas for improvement, assign responsibilities and recommend a completion date.