Working safely with air receivers: A handbook for workplaces

How to reduce health and safety risks when using air receivers in workplaces.


What it contains

Air receivers are used in a range of workplaces and can create serious health and safety risks. This handbook advises employers of their occupational health and safety duties to prevent and eliminate injury risks. It explains:

  • how to decide if an air receivers should be ‘plant registered’ or design registered
  • how to register an air receiver
  • how to understand and calculate an air receiver’s hazard level
  • how to ensure the safety features of an air receiver reduce accident or explosion risks
  • how to choose the right air receiver
  • who to consult before choosing an air receiver
  • what to do after choosing an air receiver to keep a workplace safe
  • how to choose a safe workplace location to use an air receiver
  • how environmental factors affect the safety of air receivers
  • how to manage noise from air receivers
  • unacceptable work practices and correct risk control solutions