Cash-in-transit: A guide to managing OHS in the cash-in-transit industry

How to manage, reduce and eliminate health, safety and occupational violence risks in the cash-in-transit industry.


What it contains

People working in the cash-in-transit industry face unique health and safety risks, including physical and psychological injuries. This guide outlines how employers can manage these risks. It explains:

  • who to consult with about risks
  • how to identify, assess, prioritise and address risks and hazards
  • how to reduce or eliminate these risks and hazards
  • how to assess the safety of armoured and non-armoured vehicles
  • employers’ responsibilities to train, instruct and supervise employees
  • how to manage, monitor and review safety and security risks
  • employer’s responsibilities relating to incidents, including hold-ups, robbery or attempted robbery
  • the responsibilities of people who are not CIT employers
  • extra considerations and control measures for safe workplaces

At the end of the document, you will find:

  • sample forms and templates
  • client site hazard identification and risk assessment guidelines