Construction and erection of bridge beams

How to safely design, manufacture, transport and construct bridge beams.


What it contains

This document explains industry standards to maintain a safe working environment when using precast concrete and steel beams to construct bridges. Use this document to plan for safety when designing, manufacturing, transporting and building bridge beams.

The document covers the following topics:

  • what the industry standards cover and how they relate to the Australian standards and bridge design code
  • an employer’s OHS responsibilities, including planning work, providing training, managing health and safety, identifying hazards and notifying WorkSafe about workplace incidents
  • how to plan for safety when designing for construction, temporary works and when using special construction equipment
  • what to consider in manufacturing, including pre-planning, drawings, formwork, dimensional tolerances, minimum concrete strengths, special provisions for onsite casting and certificates of compliance
  • how to safely handle and store precast concrete elements in factories or on construction sites
  • what safety concerns to consider when building, including worker fatigue, where beams are placed, modifications needed and compliance requirements