Contractor guideline flowchart

A flowchart to help you determine if an individual you contracted with counts as your worker for WorkCover premium purposes.


What it contains

A flowchart that helps you determine whether a contractor counts as your worker for premium purposes and if they're eligible for contractor deductions.

This guideline doesn't apply to you if you hired an individual through a labour hire (or on-hire) firm and pay that firm for work undertaken in your business.

This guideline also doesn't apply to owner drivers, door-to-door sellers, timber contractors, taxi drivers, share farmers, outworkers and sporting contestants. These individuals have special rules that can be found in the relevant clause of Schedule 1 of the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013.

This guideline is not definitive and you need to consider the whole of the relationship between you and the person doing the work. For help with this, contact your agent or WorkSafe Advisory.